Free Research Report – NOCIL Ltd.

NOCIL Limited is an India-based company, which offers basic organic chemicals. The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and trading of rubber chemicals. The Company offers products, such as accelerators under the name PILCURE; antidegradants, such as PILFLEX 13; antioxidants, under the name PILNOX; pre vulcanisation inhibitor, such as PILGARD PVI, and post vulcanisation stabiliser, such as PILCURE DHTS. NOCIL today is the Largest Rubber Chemicals Manufacturer in India.

The Company's manufacturing facilities include Navi Mumbai Plant, which is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, and at Dahej Plant, which is located in Dahej, Gujarat. The products manufactured by the Company are used by the tire industry and other rubber processing industries. The Company operates a subsidiary, PIL Chemicals Limited, which is engaged in processing of rubber chemical products. Read More>>