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Fundamental, Macro, Technical
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Capital diversification into atleast 10
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Balanced Strategies

Long Term, Mid Term, Short Term etc.
as per market conditions & your preferences.

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Thank you for the wonderful experience I've had. Based on your suggestions I invested during demonetisation (when Nifty was around 7900). Your recommendations made me a profit of 31:43% compared to Nifty returns. Once again my heartfelt thanks to the whole team of Niveza. Keep it up!


Niveza gave me excellent value for my money. I found it to be a great platform for those who want to make money and save time from stock market. I experienced great customer support and the feedback is really fast and convenient. They understood the value of my time and made investing easy for me. I don't trade much but as an investor I made a good profit.


I have been with Niveza India since last one year and have subscribed to all their services - v360, m360 as well as PRS. After taking their services my portfolio has grown by at least 30% and their script selection is excellent, it always delivers more than the estimated returns. Its very good for those who don't want to get involved in day to day activities of the stock market.


When talking about stock advisory services there is only one reputed name and that is Niveza. The process adherence, research and knowledge of Niveza on the stock market is simply incomparable. All my queries were solved with great positive response. They always believe in customer's satisfaction and save customer time as their prime motto.


I have been among the top few to enroll for your PRS SERVICE. Through the one year with you I never once also had any issues with the way you handled my account. The returns are very good, the charges are as good as nothing and I can sleep peacefully at night. Those who are in two minds please avail the services as it is a win win situation for us.

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