Who can become a member of Niveza?

Anyone can become a member. Registration is easy and free, you simply have to select a username and password to create an account. The individuals sharing portfolios on Niveza are serious investors and meet our criteria for performance and experience. If you have concerns about the skills or experience of other members, please email us at support@niveza.in.

Why should I join Niveza?

If you are investing for some time, you know how much hard work and knowledge is required to be successful. Extremely small numbers of investors are able to beat an S&P 500 gain which is benchmark. Critical factor behind success is unique ability to make right decisions at the right time based on solid experience and deep knowledge and insight. Niveza is unique in allowing you to follow proven investors putting in the hard work and demonstrated ability to make right decisions more often than not. If you choose to share your portfolio, Niveza offers you further recognition and financial reward. It gives you professional grade tools to measure your performance against Niveza universe, and keep a record of your analysis. What's more, you get all these benefits free of charge.

Do I have to share my portfolio?

No. You can use Niveza if you simply want to follow other great self directed investors or benefit from professional grade portfolio management and performance analytics.

Do I have to share my portfolio?

No. You can use Niveza if you simply want to follow other great self directed investors or benefit from professional grade portfolio management and performance analytics.

Why should I share my real trades with anyone else?

Trades are only reported post execution. There is no price impact or disadvantage in sharing your trades once you have taken your position. You could achieve significant financial gains by sharing your investment knowledge and execution skills to make right investment decisions at the right time.

Why should I let other members know the value of my holdings and my net worth?

Niveza allows you an option to not reveal the size or valuation of any trades or holdings. If you choose to do so then all account information will be normalized. Only you will ever know your net worth. Members tracking your portfolio will only be able to see the proportional percentage allocation of your positions and a guide to whether you have a small, medium or large portfolio.

Why should I bother to add a research to my trades?

This allows followers to decide if your performance is due to luck or skills. Niveza plan to develop a scoring system which will be partially based on quality of your research measured based on member scores. All comments are time stamped so members can build trust in your decision making over time.

Why should other members pay to track my account?

Serious investors know how much research and analysis it takes to be successful. They, above all people, recognize the benefits of leveraging your hard work - particularly when you have a track record showing you can do as well as the professionals. We passionately believe that there is no reason why dedicated individuals shouldn't give the institutions a run for their money and be rewarded if they do an equally good job.

When do I start making money from sharing trades?

Niveza plans within the next 6-9 months to introduce the capability for members to generate a data fee from each account that tracks your investments.

Will I be contravening any SEC regulations?

No. Niveza has worked closely with regulatory attorneys in US markets and is designed to remain open to all participants regardless of their regulatory status. Please read the Terms of Use carefully. Niveza is an information sharing service, designed for participants to disclose their information and eventually to be paid for that information. Legally this is a similar to how a publisher may be paid for providing news. The information about your trading activity is to help inform other investors as part of multitude of data sources they may use in their decision-making process.

How does Niveza make money?

Niveza will make money when one member pays to track the account of another. Niveza only makes money when members make money.

How do I know that someone I am tracking isn't just building a position here and dumping it somewhere else?

Niveza takes every precaution to prevent system abuse. We monitor transactions in stocks with limited liquidity, which risk manipulation, and members who advocate such positions. Niveza will eject members for inappropriate behavior and for serious abuse members will be reported directly to the regulators. We are continually improving our flags to highlight the risk in replicating transactions or strategies.

What calculations are being used to measure my performance?

Niveza uses the GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) as a guideline for calculating the performance and risk measurements of individual portfolios. GIPS are the standard measure of accountability and reporting for leading investment management companies worldwide, designed for comparative measurement of the performance of portfolio managers. Niveza members are not fully GIPS compliant as they are not regulated investment managers. If you have any further questions regarding the formulae applied please Contact Us.

How often are performance calculations and rankings updated?

All performance metrics are updated once a day, after market close.

What if I decide I want to remove my data?

You can remove your portfolio at any time.