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>100-300% Returns Objective* Over 3-5 years

Multibaggers Growth Strategy

High growth stocks which are fast becoming industry leaders along with strong macro drivers in their industry.

No Yearly Fee!

Don't pay high fees each year! One-time fee Rs 25K over 3-5 years.

Service Guarantee

Multibagger stocks entry requires patience. Service will be active until committed research calls are delivered, no matter how long it takes!

Risk Management

No penny or micro cap stocks! High quality small-mid cap stocks with very low downside risk. Capital diversification into 5 industries.

360o Research Reports

4-8 pager analysis of Macro, Fundamental, News and every factor influencing stock price.

Research Desk Access

Get additional insights on research reports & weekly portfolio update from the research desk.

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25,000 + GST

Annualized cost ~ 5,000

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*Investments in stocks are subject to market risk. There is no assurance or gaurantee that objectives of the products on this site will be achieved.

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