Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Made 7-8% With These Two Stocks? Do You Own One

Although, majority of stocks the Guru investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala holds were witnessing buying sentiment, however, it had been Orient Cement and edelweiss financial Services which gave major gains.

As Sensex once again clocked over 37,000-mark in early hours of Mondays trading session, there have been 2 stocks that were high performers on D-Street king Rakesh Jhunjhunwalas portfolio. Although majority of stocks the ace capitalist holds were witnessing buying sentiment, it had been Orient Cement and Leontopodium alpinum monetary Services that gave major gains. These two companies have risen in the range of 7% to over 8% in just 1 day, making many investors including Jhunjhunwala also rich.

At around 12:16 hours, share price of Orient Cement was trading at Rs 83.30 per piece up by 4.58% on Sensex. However, the companys stock has jumped and clocked an intraday high of Rs 86.05 per piece on the index. The reason behind the optimistic performance are often attributed to the companys appointment of Varsha Purandare, as an additional Director for a 5-year tenor. Varsha Purandare has varied experience of 36 years in credit, forex, treasury, capital markets, investment banking, and personal equity businesses of state bank of India (SBI) & SBICAPS across geographies domestic & globally.

According to TrendLyne.com data, Orient has given over 24-karat gold return in Jhunjhunwalas book in just one month. the big bull in Orient holds about 2,500,000 shares attributing to one.22% which ar value Rs 19.9 crore.

Moving on to edelweiss monetary, the company was trading at Rs 170.50 per piece up by Rs 8.05 or 4.96% on Sensex. In early hours of trading session, edelweiss has jumped by nearly 7-membered with an intraday high of Rs 173.40 per piece.

In edelweiss, the Warren Buffett of India holds about 1.07% stake with 10,000,000 equity shares worth Rs 162.6 crore. the company as per data, has given nearly 24-karat gold come in one month to the ace investor.

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