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Sep 22, 2017 | 04:00 PM IST

Various popular stock market news portals and TV channels discuss trending stocks and provide free tips but without in-depth research. We create well-researched equity analysis on these trending stock tips in a single place so you don't waste your time and avoid wrong decisions with your hard earned money.

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Stock Market Tips For 4th Week Of September 2017

Deccan Cements (DECCANCE): Can we consider? (10 Step Process To Confirm If Its A Buy)

Valuation: Undervalued stock as compared to peers. Currently trading at trailing PE of 17.8x.
Reasons to consider: The company is undervalued as compared to close peers. The company has grown by 13.5% in last three years. It also has delivered the return on investment in the range of 15-20% from last two years. It is a low debt company with DE of 0.08x.
Drivers: Rising civil infrastructure and sound financial status of the company fuels its growth.
Financial: In Q1FY18, net sales grew by 14.6% Y-o-Y to Rs.160 crores. EBITDA grew by 4.7% YoY to Rs.24.54 crores. PAT stood at Rs.11.38 crores.

DLF (DLF): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock as compared to peers. Currently trading at trailing PE of 56.33x.
Reasons to Avoid: The company is overvalued and underperforming as compared to closed peers.
Drivers: The company plans to launch project only after obtaining occupancy certificate which can result into weak earnings followed by negative cash flow.
Financials: In Q1FY18, net sales down by 8% Q-o-Q to Rs.2,048 crores. EBITDA stood at Rs.903 crores. PAT down by 23% to QoQ to Rs.121 crores.

A2Z Infra Engineering (A2ZINFRA): Avoid

Valuation: The company is overvalued with negative earnings.
Reasons to Avoid: The company posted negative margins and final profit. Also, promoters of the company have pledged 96% of their shares.
Drivers: The board of the company approved the issuance of 8 crore equity shares to lenders as a one-time settlement. The company belongs to power sector which is growing slowly as of now. It impacted company's earnings.
Financial: In Q1FY18, net sales down by 34% Q-o-Q to Rs.112 crores. EBITDA and PAT witnessed negative numbers.

Dish TV (DISHTV): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock as compared to peers. The stock is currently trading at trailing PE of 143.86x.
Reason to Avoid: The company posted weak earnings and currently overvalued as compared to peers.
Drivers: The company is facing the challenge to sustain in the competitive environment which has slowed its growth.
Financial: In Q1FY18, net sales down by 14% Y-o-Y to Rs.442 crores. EBITDA down by 74% Y-o-Y to Rs.24.23 crores. PAT witnessed negative growth.

Kilburn Engineering (KILBUNENGG): Avoid

Valuation: Undervalued stock as compared to peers. Currently trading at trailing PE of 15.60x.
Reasons to Avoid: The company witnessed flat growth in topline in last three years and at the same time its margins were under pressure.
Drivers: Recently company promoters raised stake in the company from 57% to 60% from the open market. As per company management, topline can remain flat for next one year.
Financial: In Q1FY18, net sales down by 40% Q-o-Q to Rs.30 crores. EBITDA down by 50% to Rs.2.66 crores. PAT down by 37% to Q-o-Q to Rs.1.11 crores.
Stock Market Tips For 3rd Week Of September 2017

NOCIL (NOCIL): Potential Buy (10 Step Process To Confirm If It's A Buy)

Valuation: Undervalued stock with PE of 12.75x.
Reasons to Consider: Stock is still undervalued and has great potential as far as valuation and business model is concerned. Optimum utilisation of new plant helped in enhancing earnings.
Drivers: Looking at the numbers, 60 65% of the global consumption of rubber is by automotive tyres, with the rest used in - footwear production, latex products, cycle tyres and tubes, and OTR tyres among others. It supplies all domestic tyre manufacturers in addition to several international tyre companies and has around 3,200 clients in the non tyre segment.
Financial: In FY17 company had delivered strong growth in term of earnings whereas net income surged by 54%. Q1FY18 was remarkable too with rise of 46% in the net earnings. The company has managed to reduce debt from Rs.150 crore in FY15 to Rs.19 crore in FY17.

Shivam Autotech (SHIVAMAUTO): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with unstable operational performance..
Reasons to Avoid: Lack of operational efficiency with increased competition hammered company's over performance. In order to survive in competitive market, company has cut down margins..
Drivers: Demand for the products like different types of gears, transmission shafts, cold and warm forged components are good enough but competition by by small players is too good for the company to increase the profit margin. This has hit the company’s profit margin in last few quarters..
Financial: Even after improved demand, company is posting negative earnings. Company failed to manage their expenses. Profit margins declined significantly. Good demand has been seen in last quarter.Cash flows are on negative side as well..

Repro India (REPRO): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with PE of 123x.
Reasons to Avoid: Promoter's stake has decreased. Company has delivered a poor growth of -3.8% over last five years. Stock is trading 4 times its book value.
Drivers: Peer set is lower valued as compared to the company.
Financial: Company has delivered negative earnings in last couple of years while cash flows are negative as well which points out lack of operational efficiency of the company. Falling profit margins with negative return on equity.

JBM Auto (JBMA): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with PE of 37.44x.
Reasons to Avoid: Competitors have hit the market in numbers. Market share of the company came down last quarter.
Drivers: Strong demand has been seen for the products in which the company is dealing in. But small players have disturbed the market for the company by compromising with their margins and ultimately the company has to cut their margins in order to survive in the strong competitive market.
Financial: Company reported 61% fall in its earnings for the first quarter ended June, 2017. On Y-o-Y basis, company has shown significant growth which ultimately reflected in the performance of the stock till date.

Emkay Global Finance (EMKAY): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with trailing PE of 92x where industry PE is 59x. Stock is trading nearly 6 times of its book value.
Reasons to Avoid: Financial numbers are not certain. Lot of uncertainty in operational performance of the company.
Financial: Earnings nearly declined by 50% in FY17. Q1FY18 was significantly better as company managed to cut down expenses and it ultimately reflected in earnings. But considering last few quarters, performance is under the shadow of a doubt.

Asian Granito (ASIANTILES): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with PE of 40x which is way too high.
Reasons to Avoid: Return on net worth is continuously falling, in fact in FY17 was on the negative side.Business model is not clear and revenue realisation is doubtful too.
Financial: Revenue dropped by 5% nearly in FY17 while earning showed a dramatic fall of 31.62%. On Q-o-Q basis, earnings in last quarter declined by 31%.

Royal Orchid Hotel (ROHLTD): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with troubled operational performance of the company.
Reasons to Avoid: Earnings as well as revenue growth both are in the negative territory. Company has delivered poor growth of 0.23% over last five years. Company has return on equity of -0.89 for last three years.
Financial: On Y-o-Y basis, company is posting negative growth as far as the revenue and earnings are concerned. Cash flows are negative too. The company lacks operational efficiency.

Jindal Stainless Ltd (JSL): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with trailing PE of 31x where industry PE is 18x.
Reasons to Avoid: Promoters’ stake has decreased and company has delivered a poor growth of 1.04% in last five years. Promoters have pledged more than 91% of their holdings.
Drivers: Jindal Stainless is reportedly planning to establish an incubation center for agriculture technology (agri-tech) startups. The company will set up the same in collaboration with the Japanese company Future Venture Capital Company. In the year of flat earnings, adding cost in incubation center can add debt to the company.
Financial: After the disastrous performance of FY16, company managed to deliver in FY17 with positive earnings. Q1FY18 was flat as earnings were nearly zero as compared to negative earnings of same quarter last fiscal.

Vardhman Holding (VHL): Avoid

Valuation: Undervalued stock with trailing PE of 6.39x as compared to close peers.
Reasons to Avoid: Low volume stock with uneven earning trend. In current quarter margins got contracted and earnings are down by 98% Q-o-Q.
Drivers: The company earns by investing into debt, equity and real estate asset which is in positive trend at present, still it is not reflecting in the company’s earnings.
Financial: In Q1FY18, net sales down by whopping 98% to Rs.3.91 crores Q-o-Q. EBITDA down by 98% Q-o-Q and 56% Y-o-Y. PAT of the company also tanked by 98% Q-o-Q and 61% Y-o-Y to Rs.2.63 crores.

BHEL (BHEL): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with trailing PE of 65x as compared to close peers.
Reasons to Avoid: The power equipment manufacturing company BHEL has poor growth rate of -9% in last five years. Also the power sector does not see much uptick in the near future.
Drivers: The company got order of the Bullet Train which is minuscule as compared to its revenue of ~Rs 30,000 crores. This opportunity can't give much material impact on business.
Financial: The company witnessed de-growth in its net sales in past five years i.e.Rs.48,117 crores in FY13 vs Rs.28,222 crores in FY17. EBITDA also stood at Rs.1,827 crores in FY17 vs Rs.10,511 crores in FY13. PAT of the company stood at Rs.496 crores vs Rs.6,615 crores in FY13.
Stock Market Tips For 2nd Week Of September 2017

Vedanta (VEDL): Potential BUY (10 Step Process To Confirm If It's A Buy)

Valuation: Fairly valued at current level as compared to peers with trailing PE of 20.03x.
Reason To Consider: On the global front, prices of basic metals like lead, aluminum and zinc are surging due to the shortage of supply. Vedanta is well positioned to benefit from strong zinc and aluminum demand as Hindustan Zinc (HZL) and Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO) are under its wing.
Drivers: Strong infrastructure growth in Indian economy, base metal supply shortage, the high market share of the company in the domestic market and global footprint along with strong balance sheet; are acting as driving force for the company.
Financial: Vedanta is cash rich company with free cash flow of Rs.13,312 crores. The company has reduced gross debt by Rs.4,115 crores in FY17 and has planned to reduce further by Rs.6,200 crores in FY18. The company registered net sales growth of 12.3% to Rs.72,225 crores. Also, it has witnessed growth in EBITDA margin to 39% vs 30% in FY16. The company also paid the highest ever dividend of Rs.7,099 crores in FY17.

Dr. Reddy (DRREDDY): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued as compared to peers. Currently valued at trailing PE of 30x.
Reason to Avoid: The US is the main territory for the company as ~50% revenue share is from the US. Currently, the company has a pending pipeline of ~90 approvals which can affect revenue from the US market. Also, currently company comes under cautious view as it might receive applicable approval for EU-GMP only if it passes CAPA test result.
Driver: US product portfolio, pending approval, pricing pressure, macro economic headwind and delay in EU-GMP are some of the issues driving the company's fundamentals.
Financial: In Q1FY18, net sales down by 6.7% QoQ to Rs.3,316 crores. EBITDA down by 45% QoQ to Rs.323 crores. PAT down by 83% to Rs.57 crores QoQ.

Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd (GPIL): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued with negative earnings.
Reason To Avoid: The company is sitting on high debt and also promoters of the company have pledged 44.29% of their shares.
Driver: Slow power sector growth affecting companies earnings. Also, high debt cost is eating its net profit.
Financial: Net sales of the company down by 8.86% to Rs.1,804 crores. The company registered negative earnings in FY17 on account of higher finance cost.

Jaiprakash Associates (JPASSOCIAT): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued with negative earnings.
Reason To Avoid: Jaiprakash Associates experiencing selling pressure across all its business segments. The company is sitting on high debt and is undergoing debt restructuring process.
Driver: The company is selling its assets to reduce its debt which is indirectly affecting earnings and enterprise value.
Financial: Gross revenue of the company stood at Rs.6,757 crores in FY17 vs Rs.9,306 crores in FY16. The company posted negative earning for FY17 on account of higher finance cost.

MEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd (MEP): Avoid

Valuation: Undervalued stock as compared to peers. Currently valued at trailing PE of 17.9x.
Reason To Avoid: The company is sitting on high debt and undergoing debt restructuring process which is eating its net profit.
Driver: Rising infrastructure growth does not support company's topline which registered de-growth since last three years.
Financial: Revenue down by 9.2% in FY17 to Rs.1,729 crores vs FY16. EBIT down by 14.7% to Rs.507 crores in FY17. PAT stood at Rs.109 crores after adding exception item of Rs.158 crores in FY17 vs PAT of (Rs.366) crores in FY16.

Praj Industries (PRAJIND): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stocks with PE of 32x, too high compared to closed peers.
Reason To Avoid: Peers are troubling the company with the profit margins. Small players are appearing in numbers and already have dented business significantly.
Drivers: Company is dealing with troubles as it was under IT scanner due to alleged income tax evasion which tarnished the image of the company. Operational cost hammered the margins of the company.
Financial: Q-o-Q was significantly down as earnings were near to 0. A dramatic change in revenue, nearly 30% decline. Y-o-Y results were down as well pointing troubles in operational efficiency of the company.

Global Vectra Helicorp (GLOBALVECT): Avoid

Valuation: Fairly valued stock with company specific troubles.
Reason To Avoid: Company is dealing with internal operational troubles.
Drivers: Delay in ONGC deal is adding worries to the engaged investors. New investors are waiting for the outcome of the deal in order to enter. As most of the area is under rain threat, this quarter is on a sluggish side.
Financial: Global Vectra Helicorp has registered 57 percent de-growth in its June quarter (Q1FY18) at Rs.90 lakh due to higher tax rate against profit of Rs.2.2 crores in Q1FY17. On Y-O-Y basis, cash flows are on the declining side with falling earnings and increasing debt. Profit margins have declined nearly 50%.

Torrent Pharma (TORNTPHARM): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with PE of 33x higher than industry PE of 31x.
Reason To Avoid: Increased USFDA scrutiny across the globe regarding cGMP issues, pricing pressure due to client consolidation in the US. The Brazilian market remained dicey due to political turmoil with frequent changes in regulations and pricing.
Drivers: US revenue declined by 37% Y-o-Y mainly due to the high base of gAbilify exclusivity in the US. On the domestic front, the impact of GST transactions is expected to remain for a couple of quarters.
Financial: Net profit fell 36% Y-o-Y mainly on account lower operational performance and higher taxation. Return ratios declined by nearly 50%.

Wockhardt (WOCKPHARMA): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock with poor valuation and negative numbers.
Reason To Avoid: Company is breaking its support levels due to the poor operational efficiency of the company. The global business had a hit last year. Revenue visibility is uncertain.
Drivers: Global business is on declining side where the company is losing its market share year after year. Recently, the company received approval for ANDA injections but failed to gain momentum due to higher competition by close peers.
Financial: Company is posting negative earnings since last three-four years. Operating margins have declined.

Idea Cellular (IDEA): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued stock dealing with major operational as well as margin troubles.
Reason To Avoid: On the monthly basis, the company is losing its subscriber base. In the month of July 2017, the company lost 2.3 million subscribers. Following to this, company's total customer base has decreased to Rs.19.39 crores. Data shows that the subscribers are opting to port to other networks. In the last couple of years, the company lost its market share more than 50%.
Drivers: Jio is the real threat for players like Idea Cellular. Every new scheme launch by Jio is troubling the company market share. Even after getting approval for the merger with Vodafone, Idea Cellular is losing it's ARPU. In order to match offers of peers, the company is compromising with its margins and it is ultimately reflecting in its financial health.
Financial: Debt is on increasing side with negative earnings. Return ratios are ultimately delivering negative results. FY17 was significantly down for the company.
Stock Market Tips For 1st Week Of September 2017

NCC (NCC): Avoid

Valuation: Over valued stock with expensive valuation as compared to closed peers. The stock is trailing at PE of 121, which is too high.
Comment: Promoter's holding is just 19.56%. Promoters' have pledged more than 29% of their holdings. Contingent liabilities of the company have reached to Rs.1,673 crores.
Company Drivers: Standalone debt of the company has increased substantially to Rs.1794. The slowdown in execution and delay in payments had led to a significant rise in working capital for NCC in last few years.
Quarterly Performance: Q1FY18 was significantly stable for the company as compared to last few quarters due to Nagpur metro project. But the company has to work on its execution pace in order to keep revenue visibility improving.
Annual Performance: YOY performance of the company is going down since last couple of years. Cash flows are negative whereas de-growth in revenue as well as in earnings has been seen.

Marico (MARICO): Avoid

Valuation: Company is trailing near the higher end of PE. Little expensive stock.
Comment: De-stocking already had hit the performance of the company during last quarter due to GST and it is expected to carry the same momentum in coming couple of quarters.
Company Drivers: Within the segments, few products like Saffola Oats and edible oil took a hit during last year on account of high competition and de-stocking due to GST has also hurt the company.
Quarterly Performance: June quarter was down by 4.86% compared to the fiscal year. Earnings were also on the down side. VAHO segment's volume declined by 8% last quarter.
Annual Performance: All over urban to rural, performance of the company looked weak as most of the segments showed de-growth and decreased market share as well. The Y-O-Y performance was below company's estimates and it is expected to carry the same momentum for next quarter.

India Cements (INDIACEM): Avoid

Valuation: Expensive at current levels as the stock is trailing near PE of 35 whereas return ratios are decreasing as well.
Comment: Promoters' holding is 28.21%. Promoters' have pledged 43.83% of their holdings. Low promoters' holding with pledged shares adds more risk for investors.
Company Drivers: Company's business is dependent on south regions, especially AP and Telangana. Last quarter development pace slowed down in both the states, which ultimately hampered the performance of the company. Adding to this, operations of few plants were on hold due to the government circular on increased pollution and violation of norms.
Annual Performance: Cash flows were near to zero levels. Net profit was on the declining side as well.

Voltas (VOLTAS): Avoid

Valuation: Over valued stock with PE on the higher end of the average, i.e. 32.
Comment: Promoters' holding is 30% only. AC segment is giving threats to hit profit margins due to intensified competition. Inventory de-stocking is affecting the profitability. The company has a weak share in industry convergence towards inverter ACs.
Macro Drivers: Instability in Qatar region hitting the company's account books hard as Qatar accounts nearly 50% of the international order book.
Company Drivers: Voltas is willing to lose the market share rather than compromising on margins. Demand usually stands muted during the 2nd quarter of the financial year.
Quarterly Performance: Even after better revenue growth, the company posted negative earning in Q1FY18. Geographical performance of the company was on declining side.

JSW Steel (JSWSTEEL): Avoid

Valuation: Expensive stock as compared to peers.
Comment: Promoters' have pledged more than 45% of their holdings.
Company Drivers: Consolidated net debt increased steeply due to IND-AS impact and increase in working capital.
Quarterly Performance: Q1FY18 quarter was significantly down. Revenue de-growth has been shown by the company while net profit is hit nearly by 50%.

Ujjivan Financial Services (UJJIVAN): Avoid

Valuation: Over valued stock with PE 71. Closed peers are much better valued.
Comment: Company took a major hit post-demonetisation and it is not yet looking comfortable with their on going operations.
Company Drivers: Recently CDC group sales stake in Ujjivan Financial Services for over Rs.212 crores.
Quarterly Performance: Q1FY18 performance was on poor side as expenses surged way above revenue. Due to higher expenses, net profit of the company came down sharply.

Axis Bank (AXISBANK): Avoid

Valuation: Over valued stock with expensive valuation as compared to closed peers. The stock is trailing at PE of 35, which is too high.
Comment: Slippages by 3.5% in Q1FY18. The doubtful watch list of the loan book. Rise in GNPA at 5.5% as compared to last three years.
Company Drivers: Net Interest Income growth reduced to 7.5% in FY17. Axis Bank's exposure limits to 8 accounts out of 12 accounts named by banking regulator which creates dark clouds around its asset quality.
Annual Performance: GNPA stood at 5.5x. NNPA stood at 2.3x. The rise in GNPA and NNPA questions the asset quality of the company. PAT showed de-growth of 5.3% to Rs.36792 mn.

Jet Airways (JETAIRWAYS): Avoid

Valuation: Fairly valued stock with trailing PE of 16.8x as compared to peers.
Comment: The company is having high debt with negative net worth (DE -3.31x). Margins of the company got impacted by higher aviation turbine fuel prices. The company is experiencing rising competition from domestic carriers.
Annual Performance: Sales are flat at Rs.21,552 crores. EBITDA down by 50% to Rs.1,151 crores. PAT down by 66.73% to Rs.390 crores. EBITDA margin stood at 5.7% in FY17 vs 10.5% in FY16. PAT margin stood at 1.9% in FY17 vs 5.4% in FY16.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): Avoid

Valuation: Over valued stock with expensive valuation as compared to closed peers. The stock is trailing at PE of 18.01x.
Comment: Industry headwinds, rupee appreciation and slow down in IT spending is not in favour of the company.
Company Driver: TCS's growth momentum slowed down to ~9% in FY17 as compared to 15% in FY16 on account of industry headwinds.
Quarterly Performance: Net sales flat at Rs.29,584 crores. EBITDA down by 8.84% QoQ/5.41% YoY to Rs.7,413 crores. PAT down by 10.15% QoQ/ 5.82% YoY to Rs.5,950 crores.
Stock Market Tips For 4th Week Of August 2017

Infosys Ltd. (INFY): Avoid

Valuation: Undervalued (Fair Price: Rs.846, Current Price: Rs.915).
Reasons to Avoid: Infosys is undervalued as compared to closed peers but as of now this is a high risk stock.
Macro Drivers: Recent data indicated lack of spending by clients in BFS and Retail verticals. US immigration law is adding threat. Limited market dependency as 80% of company revenue constitutes from North America and Europe.
Company Drivers: Now CEO and MD of Infosys Mr.Vishal Sikka resigned.
Quarterly Performance: IT giant Infy is posting flat results continuously. During last quarter, margins were impacted by 0.5% on account of INR appreciation and higher variable pay to its employees by 8% to 14%. Annual Performance: Cash flows were negative for FY18 and earnings are moving down as well. More troubles are getting added day after day. Better to avoid as of now.

Apollo Hospitals (APOLLOHOSP): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued (Fair Price: Rs.895, Current Price: Rs.1076)
Quarterly Performance: Even after posting better results, Apollo Hospitals is in down trend. Stock is trailing at PE of 61.
Company Drivers: Promoter's have pledged more than 65% of their holdings, a real threat.
Annual Performance: YoY results are continuously down and QoQ is not stable as well. Even after having good expansion plans, revenue visibility is little blur. Increasing debt with falling profit margins. Margins are under pressure due to regulation on 'stent' pricing and higher guarantee fees to the doctors.

Tata Motors (TATAMOTORS): Avoid

Valuation: Undervalued (Fair Price: Rs.343, Current Price: Rs.383)
Annual Performance: Since last couple of years, cash flows of the company were negative. Margins had a hit during last year as production in UK plant was stopped. The stock is in down trend continuously.
Company Drivers: Company already has loosed commercial vehicle market share from 60% to 44%, which is a huge fall indeed. Primary reason for ballooned loss for last year was mismanagement with regards to the inventory of Bharat stage III vehicles that were rendered useless by the Supreme court judgement. Better to stay away from this falling knife. Huge investment in JLR can reduce company to cashless position as JLR segment is continuously under-performing.

Bank of Baroda (BANKBARODA): Avoid

Valuation: Expensive (Fair Price: Rs.126, Current Price: Rs.143)
Annual Performance: Bank of Baroda is already troubled with NPAs and NIMs rise. Management is expecting NIMs to find some stability in coming quarters.
Quarterly Performance: Last quarter Bank had a disadvantage of couple of very large corporate accounts slipping through Rs.1,800 crores of slippage. This will milk rise in NPAs in coming quarters. Peer set is looking much stable where one can bet on

Punjab National Bank (PNB): Avoid

Valuation: High risk (Fair Price: Rs.124, Current Price: Rs.143)
Quarterly Performance: In Q1, NIIs rose by 4%. Bank is having contingent liabilities of nearly Rs.3,58,610.5 crores.
Annual Performance: Return on equity of the bank is 0.62% for last 3 years. Technical trend is down as well. NPAs are on increasing side. NPAs could rise in coming quarters which could clearly trend the stock down side. Hardly any upside could be there as far as next few quarters are concerned.

Religare Enterprises Limited (RELIGARE): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued (Fair Price: Rs.43, Current Price: Rs.58)
Fundamental Performance: Return on Equity for last few years is on poor side, nearly 0.35% only, which is too low as compared to closed peers. Profit margins are falling while debt is on increasing side. Too much risk is involved.
Company Drivers: Promoter's have pledged more than 85% of their holdings. Recently company suffered a cyber attack as well. Promoter's stake is on decreasing side.

Housing Development & Infrastructure (HDIL): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued (Fair Price: Rs.55, Current Price: Rs.61)
Annual Performance: Company has delivered poor growth of -8% over last five years. Contingent liabilities touched Rs.1,785 crores last year. As compared to closed peers, PE ratio of the company is too high.
Fundamental Performance: Cash flows of the company are negative with continuously falling earnings. Return on equity for last three years is around 2.15% which is significantly lesser as compared to closed peers.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL): Avoid

Valuation: Overvalued (Fair Price: Rs.110, Current Price: Rs.127)
Annual Performance: Continuously falling revenue since last four years with increasing debt. Fundamental Performance: Company has low return on equity of 4.13% for last three years. PE is comparatively too high and investment in the stock looks little risky this time. The company has delivered poor growth of -9.22% over past five years. Return ratios are negative.



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