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Terms & Conditions

  • Profile:
    • Mobile number should be activated.
    • Profile should be completed with your real name, picture and biography (minimum 50 words).
    • Minimum 50% of the initial 50 Lakh virtual cash i.e. 25 Lakh should be used to trade in minimum 10 stocks.

  • Diversification:
    • Do not invest more than 10% of the portfolio in any single stock for diversification.
    • Invest in at least 3 different sectors for diversification.

  • Activity:
    • Participants will be rewarded with bonus of .5% gain per day towards monthly contest and 1% gain per month towards yearly contest.
    • Participants must "sign in" minimum 4 times per month on different days to qualify for the monthly prize.
    • Participants must "sign in" minimum once a month to qualify for the "Best Investor of 2012" and final prize.

  • Performance:
    Monthly Contest:
    • Investors who beat NIFTY by more than 5% in the month.
    • Investors with track record of more than 15 days.
    Best Investor of the year:
    • Investors who are ahead of NIFTY by more than 10% for the year.
    • Investors with track record of more than 3 months.

  • Prize:
    • Same winner is not qualified for more than 1 prize per quarter.
    • Identity proof is required to encash prizes.

  • Niveza Rights:
    • Niveza reserves the right to use winner`s name, picture, portfolio and any other information listed on Niveza for publishing or advertising material without any permission.
    • Niveza reserves the right to change terms and conditions or cancel this contest for any reason what so ever.