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Equity Portfolio management refers to the collection of sector specific stocks for investment in the right quantity at the right time and for the right period. Niveza provides its members an opportunity to build their portfolios and thereby test their investment potential before entering the real stock market.

Follow Proven Portfolios:

Members can view other proven investor's portfolio and can follow them to get timely trade alerts. This helps to get valid trade signals to enhance your own portfolio. Otherwise you can also follow the vScore, a stock rating mechanism to get trade recommendations.

Keep Track of Your Investments:

Portfolio page displays the summary of your stock holdings. segregate your current and prior holdings for you to keep track of your net worth, your total gain and daily gain/loss changes in your current holdings.

Stock Specific Distribution:

View details of every trade you execute and hence track how much capital you have invested in each stock. You should not be too heavily invested in a single stock. This can fetch you very high returns if stock performs well but can lead you to huge losses if it goes against your move. Hence, allocate your capital into several best performing stocks that can help you to average out.


Sector wise allocation of portfolio helps investor to minimize risks and boost returns. Diversification leads to spreading of your investments into different sectors so as to examine sectors on the basis of demand- supply factors and other macro economic conditions. Hence we have also included diversification as the major criteria in computing performance of investors.

Know Your Potential:

Have access to the stock-wise, sector-wise, total gain % and Gain with respect to Nifty. This helps you to monitor your performance and test your stock market potential before you get into the actual stock markets. Your gains would be subsequently compared with that of other active investors to know where you exactly stand in the competition and would be rewarded accordingly.



Manage a portfolio of stocks & ETFs listed on Indian exchanges. Use our unique performance analytic tools to compare sector and industry allocation percentage to corresponding gains percentage for entire portfolio history.

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