14th Jul 2017 | 17:52 PM IST

Free Research Report - Rico Auto Industries Limited

Incorporated in March 1983, Rico Auto Industries Ltd (RAIL) manufactures and sells high-pressure aluminum die cast components and spheroidal graphite (SG) iron castings for the automotive sector. RAIL currently operates from 9 locations at Dharuhera, Haridwar, Sanand and Gurgaon, manufacturing automotive components for both the 2-wheelers and 4-wheeler segments like wheel hubs, panels, clutch assemblies, cylinder covers, cylinder head, cylinder block, center housing, exhaust manifolds, fly wheels and brake drum among others.

Further RAIL has a diverse product range and supplies a broad range of high-precision fully machined aluminum and ferrous components and assemblies to OEMs across the globe.

RAIL’s key positives are via its integrated services which include design, development, tooling, casting, machining, assembly and research and development across aluminium and ferrous products. Read More>>



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